Media Statement re: "Up" House

As a neighborhood organization, the Old Quad Residents' Association has no opinion on the paint colors at 1091 Harrison.  We have some members who like the paint colors and also some who do not.  Our role is to facilitate an open dialog among all neighbors and the city, so that individuals can come to their own opinion and engage themselves in the proper channels (city council, public meetings, etc.) if they desire. In addition, political action is only one of several aspects of OQRA, also including camaraderie and socialization between neighbors to promote a happy, sincere, safe community in which to live.

More importantly, the controversy with 1091 Harrison has nothing to do with paint colors. There are two reasons this house is a sensitive subject for the neighborhood:

The first is a long story that involves what some feel was inappropriate and/or unauthorized issuance of permits by the city that allowed major alterations to this historic resource. Select individuals have sued the City of Santa Clara over this issue; OQRA is not a party to that suit. 

Second, the process of construction created a severe lead-based paint hazard to the nearby properties, which prompted a second lawsuit from select individuals; OQRA is not a party to that suit either. 

We hope the media can start to get to the real issues, and not focus on paint colors.

Please use the "contact us" feature if you have any other questions.