New OQRA Officers for 2018

At the OQRA General Meeting held on February 24th, 2018, the following officers were voted in:

2018 OQRA Board Members:
Adam Thompson-President
Suds Jain- Vice President
Judy Tucker-Treasurer
Janet Stevenson-Secretary
Mark Kelsey- Member-at-Large

Other activities at the General Meeting:

Each nominee introduced themselves and their role on board. Ballots distributed and members voted. 21 ballots collected. All nominees received 21 “yes” votes.
1) Tracy from the Mission Library gave a presentation about the renovations being done at the Mission Library.
2) Santa Clara University Presentation. Chris Shay gave a presentation regarding status of projects at SCU. He introduced OQRA to new President Mike Crowley. He stated he felt it was important for SCU to have a good relationship with neighborhood.
3) Allie Cionco. Off campus area coordinator at SCU, discussed her role as a liaison between students, SCPD, and Old Quad neighborhood. Tessa, student body representative at SCU was also present and expressed desire to be involved with OQRA.
4) Janet announced three upcoming events (Easter Egg Hunt, Lawn Bowling and Parade of Champions) and requested volunteers.
5) Adam gave update on Prometheus project. Project has been approved by HLC and will be going before Planning Commission and City Council soon. Adam states developer has been asked to grant an easement to city on a section of land which is located on Franklin Street in exchange for residents support of 344 units.
Meeting adjourned

The Old Quad Residents Association is pleased to announce the call for Board nominations for 2018

Open positions for 2018 Board of Directors are:

  1. President

  2. Vice-President

  3. Treasurer

  4. Secretary

  5. Member at large - Neighborhood University Relations

  6. Member at large - Newsletter

  7. Member at large - Website / Social Media

  8. Member at large - Social Events

  9. Member at large – Political Action

Remember, the deadline to submit nominations for the Old Quad Residents Association Board of Directors are due on or before February 1st, 2018 to the Secretary -

Annual General Meeting & Elections
9:00 am
February 24th, 2018
Womans Club Adobe
3260 The Alameda

Taking Nominations for OQRA board until Jan 27

Call for Board Nominations

The Old Quad Residents Association is pleased to announce the call for nominations for the 2017 Board of Directors.

Open positions for 2017 Board of Directors Old Quad Residents Associations:

1.   President
2.   Vice-President
3.  Treasurer
4.  Secretary
5.  Member at large - Neighborhood University Relations Committee Chair (NURC)
6.  Member at large - Newsletter
7.  Member at large - Website / Social Media
8.  Member at large - Social events
9.  Member at large – Political Action Committee Chair

- Board members are expected to attend monthly board meetings. 
- All nominees must be current members of the Old Quad Resident Association. 

Deadline to submit nominations for the Old Quad Residents Association Board of Directors are due on or before January 27th, 2017 to the Secretary, JanetStevenson –

Thanks for Attending!

Thanks to everyone who came to the quarterly meeting last week. A big thanks to the Women's Club for hosting us and Linda Hylkema for an amazing presentation about the artifacts found right here in the Old Quad!

Happy International Firefighters Day!

Thanks to all the past and current firefighters in Santa Clara and around the world!

Below is a picture of the Tanner Hose Company, one of the first firehouses in Santa Clara.

In 1878 the employees of the Santa Clara Tannery organized the Tanner Hose Company.  Jacob Eberhard bought a hose cart and 500 feet of hose.  Tanner Hose was one of 5 companies that formed the volunteer fire department.

Source: "Images of America: Santa Clara"