On February 5, 2014 dozens of Old Quad residents and business owners met up in Locatelli Center at Santa Clara University for an Old Quad Residents' Association meeting. Here is a meeting summary:

  • OQRA has been a tight-knit and active group of residents and business owners within the Old Quad. It is now our goal to bring back that sense of community and get more neighbors involved in the group.
  • Some of the important goals for OQRA are:
    • Encouraging a sense of community between neighbors by facilitating special events and reaching out to welcome new residents.
    • Preserving the integrity and enjoyment of the many historic resources located in the Old Quad.
    • Coming together to have a voice in city government when important decisions are made.
    • Managing university-neighborhood relations.
  • OQRA needs help from the community to get things going. Membership dues ($10-$20 per household, $50 per business) are necessary to cover the legal processes associated with having a non-profit association. Also, we need neighbors to volunteer to participate on the various committees, discussed below.
  • OQRA is organizing committees to help accomplish its goals. Some of those committees are:
    • Steering Committee: to help administer the group, plan quarterly meetings, keep an eye on other committees, etc.
    • Social Committee: to plan occasional events (such as an ice cream social, park party, or block party), to plan ongoing events (such as a walking/hiking club), and to greet new Old Quad neighbors.
    • "This Old House" Committee: to pool our knowledge of old homes and assist our neighbors with construction and restoration projects. 
    • University Relations Committee: to represent the Old Quad in discussions with the Santa Clara University regarding such issues as university expansion and student rental houses. 
    • Political Action Committee: to keep an eye on city agenda items concerning the Old Quad, attend meetings, and report on important information. 
  • Together we will make OQRA awesome again!


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