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Discussion of Parking Solutions at Planning Commission

There will be a study session at the Planning Commission meeting on Wed Nov 28th to educate planning commissioners, planning staff and the public on issues and solutions to our parking problems in Santa Clara. The PC meetings are in the City Council Chambers.

We will have two very distinguished speakers:

C.J. Gabbe -- Assistant Professor at Santa Clara University
Adina Levin -- Project Director at Friends of Caltrain

C.J. Gabbe is an urban planner and assistant professor in ESS. C.J.’s research focuses on issues connected to climate change mitigation and housing affordability. He is particularly interested in the political economy of urban land use regulations, and the effects of planning interventions on housing markets. Most of C.J.’s research is focused on the metropolitan areas of the western United States. He teaches courses related to sustainable urban planning, environmental policy, and geographic information systems (GIS). C.J. has a Ph.D. in Urban Planning from UCLA (2016), a Master of Urban Planning degree from the University of Washington (2006), and a bachelor’s degree in Planning, Public Policy, and Management from the University of Oregon (2001).

Adina Levin is an experienced for-profit and civic entrepreneur. She is executive director and co-founder of Friends of Caltrain, a nonprofit with over 5,000 participants supporting sustainable transportation and land use in the Peninsula Corridor from San Francisco through San Jose. She serves on the Caltrain Citizens’ Advisory Committee, the San Mateo County Congestion Management Advisory Committee, the Menlo Park Transportation Commission, and the Menlo Park General Plan Citizens Advisory Committee. In the private sector, she co-founded and served as VP Products at Socialtext, a pioneering enterprise social software suite which was acquired by Peoplefluent.